What to Expect at a 5 Star Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

5 star rehab

You’ve made the decision to address your substance use disorder, and now you are on the hunt for a rehab. As you begin the search for treatment, you find yourself faced with endless choices, which can make you feel overwhelmed. Out of all these choices, you’re hoping to locate a 5-star rehab that is perfect for your needs. Once you do find it, what can you expect at a 5-star rehab?

What is Luxury Rehab?

There are many types of addiction treatment programs, ranging from standard care to top-of-the-line luxury programs. Luxury rehabs are high-end programs that go above and beyond to provide the best treatment experience possible. These resort-style programs feature premium amenities and are typically located in a breathtaking setting.

As with any quality rehab, a luxury program places the focus squarely on the treatment elements. These are the therapies and classes that can help you break the grip of addiction. These programs differ from average rehabs because they cater to people who are used to the finer things in life. Thus, the furnishings, meals, and services are top-notch.

What Are the Benefits of a 5-Star Treatment Program?

You may have unsuccessfully attempted rehab in the past; perhaps you’d enrolled in a lower cost standard treatment program. Maybe it was because you didn’t like sharing a room, or maybe the food was substandard, but you never finished. The staff may have lacked expertise, or maybe the rehab was disorganized, messy, or poorly managed. Any of these reasons may have caused you to leave the rehab and return to substance use.

This time as enter treatment, you know what you need and you also know what doesn’t work for you. You want to feel comfortable during your stay there, and you need to be assured your privacy is protected.

The luxury treatment setting provides the following benefits:

  • Upscale accommodations. 5-star rehabs are often located at a beautiful private residences. The limited bed capacity of residential treatment centers allows the staff to offer more personalized attention to clients. You can expect both the home and its furnishings to be high-end.
  • Stunning scenery. Nature has a soothing effect on us anyway, but when you are recovering from addiction, the gorgeous settings enhance healing.
  • Confidentiality. Small, private luxury rehabs prioritize confidentiality. You can rest assured that your privacy concerns are honored.
  • Expert treatment staff. Master’s level licensed therapists and addiction specialists are fully trained in the most effective treatment methods.
  • Spa-like services. Many clients choose a 5-star rehab for its resort-like amenities. These might include an infrared sauna, pool and spa, massage, acupuncture, and yoga classes.
  • Recreation. Luxury rehabs include outdoor activities, such as hiking, water sports, and cycling, as well as having a gym on-site.
  • Gourmet meals. Nutrition is emphasized at the premier rehabs. An on-site chef provides gourmet meal plans.

Features to Seek at 5-Star Rehabs

How do you discern which rehabs are at a 5-star level? Here are some of the key features to look for when researching luxury treatment programs:

  • Licensed and accredited. Make sure the treatment center is current on its state and local licenses. Also, it should be CARF and/or Joint Commission accredited. These agencies help ensure patients that the rehab adheres to industry standards, which protects patient safety.
  • Expertise. The rehab should be staffed with a team of licensed therapists and addiction professionals. If it offers dual diagnosis treatment, it should also have a psychiatrist on staff.
  • Evidence-based treatment. The rehab should utilize evidence-based psychotherapies. These are addiction treatment methods that have been studied and are shown to be effective for this purpose. Ask if the rehab also provides treatment for co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Clean and orderly. The residence should be well-maintained, clean, organized, and well-managed. The rehab’s ambiance should be calm, respectful, and positive.
  • On-site medical detox. The treatment center should provide on-site medically monitored detox services.
  • Customized treatment plans. The rehab should conduct a thorough intake assessment. From the information gathered during the intake, it should offer a custom treatment plan and case management.
  • Privacy. Ask the rehab about their privacy policies, and ask what protections are in place.

What to Expect at a 5-Star Rehab

The beauty of a premier rehab is the personalized treatment you receive. As you begin your journey toward healing, you will feel you are in good hands. Every effort will be made to ensure your comfort, starting with detox and through the entire program.

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Here is what to expect during your stay in treatment:

Detox: The detox and withdrawal process takes a week or two to complete. The withdrawal symptoms range from mild to severe, which is determined by the type of substance and the addiction duration. Medications and mental health support are provided to help ease the effects of detox.

Psychotherapy. Using evidence-based therapies like CBT or DBT, you are guided toward making constructive changes in thoughts and behaviors. Therapy teaches you new healthy ways to respond to stressors or triggers. In these one-on-one sessions, you are free to discuss any mental health concerns you have.

Group therapy: Meeting in small groups can provide an outlet for peers in treatment to get to know each other. Group sessions are all about sharing and learning from each other, and from the clinician who leads the group.

Education. Classes provide clients with helpful information about the brain science of addiction. You will also learn new coping skills to help you avoid a relapse.

Complementary activities. To enhance the effects of therapy, clients engage in art therapy, equine therapy, meditation, and journaling.

Aftercare. Aftercare actions help sustain sobriety after you complete the rehab program. These may include sober living, alumni events, outpatient therapy, and 12-step meetings.

Rehabs Malibu 5-Star Rehab

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