Can You Work While in Rehab?

Can You Work While in Rehab

Break down the barriers to treatment. If you are wondering, “Can you work while in rehab?” worry no more. The answer is “yes!”

A common deterrent to getting help for a substance use disorder involves the question of being able to work while in treatment. Many people are not able to take a lengthy leave of absence from work. This is especially true for busy professionals with demanding jobs and packed schedules.

Thankfully, there are executive and luxury programs that have addressed the need for someone in treatment to have some degree of access to their jobs. These upscale rehabs provide customized programs that are tailored to these specific needs. The program allows people with work obligations to have use of their smartphones so they can remain engaged at work.

What is an Executive Treatment Program?

No matter how successful someone is at their job, they are not exempt from the harsh effects of substance abuse or addiction. Addiction affects all social strata and plays no favorites. As smart, talented, or gifted as a person might be, they can still feel the impact of drug or alcohol abuse.

With this in mind, it is clear that rehabs had to make some provisions for executives who needed help. Their preferences also happen to skew toward upscale tastes, so they also desire the very best in treatment. Luxury executive programs have thus created a special niche to provide these professionals with just what is needed.

By allowing cell phone use, the professional is able to continue to engage at work and to manage their workload. Luxury programs provide a higher level of discretion and privacy, as well as a menu of high-end amenities.

Signs You Have a Substance Problem

With busy work lives, it is easy to lose track of substance use. Someone under intense pressure at work may find that alcohol or drugs help them to relax, or to increase energy.

A substance use disorder can sneak up on someone without warning, no matter how successful that person might be. Once it takes hold, continued use of the substance leads to increased tolerance, and that results in higher consumption.

So what are the warning signs that you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol? How do you even know?

Here are some classic symptoms that start showing up:

  • You may try to cut down or quit the substance but can’t.
  • You keep using the substance even though consequences mount.
  • You have lost interest in activities you once enjoyed.
  • You are missing more and more work due to hangovers.
  • You isolate from friends and family in order to use the substance.
  • You begin to neglect work and family obligations.
  • You become obsessed with using the substance.
  • You engage in risky behaviors.
  • You lie about your substance use and hide the substance around the house or at work.
  • Your relationships have begun to suffer.
  • You have withdrawal symptoms when the substance wears off.

As these signs become more apparent, it is time to look into getting some help. It is helpful to know that you do not have to cut ties with your job just to get treatment.

Overcoming Hurdles to Treatment

It is easy to put off getting help for a substance problem. Sure, there are plenty of roadblocks that might stand in the way, but delaying treatment is a mistake. The longer you put off sobriety and a new healthy lifestyle, the harder it is to achieve them.

Receive Guidance, Call Now

Being worried about how to take a long leave of absence from work is one such hurdle. Other barriers to treatment include:

  • Being stuck in denial that you even have a drug or alcohol problem at all.
  • Feeling like there is no way to pay for treatment.
  • Worrying about the fallout to your reputation if you admit to having a substance problem.

So, how do you cross these hurdles and get the treatment you need? First of all you must accept that change is needed, and then commit to it. After you have reached this stage of acceptance, then it’s time to research rehab options. As you look into treatment options, the information you obtain can help you resolve the other barriers.

For instance, you may learn that your insurance plan will cover a good chunk of rehab costs. Also, many rehabs offer financing plans and even some scholarship funds. As far as any work concerns you might have, look for a rehab like LifeSync Malibu that allows smartphone use.

What to Expect at an Executive Rehab

While no one relishes the thought of going to rehab, treatment programs are surely not all equal. Staying at a premier rehab offers a number of creature comforts that you would not find at standard rehabs.

After the detox stage is completed, treatment will encompass a multi-modal program of integrated therapies. These include:

  • One-on-one talk therapy,
  • Group therapy.
  • Family therapy.
  • Holistic therapy.
  • Recreational therapy.

What sets a luxury rehab apart from a standard one are the perks. These include spa amenities and a retreat-like setting. There are often premium rooms and gourmet meals, as well as a beautiful setting.

Executives will enjoy having access to their electronic devices so they can still conduct their business while in the rehab setting. Can you work while in rehab? Absolutely.

After Rehab, Then What?

Once the detox and treatment phases are complete it is time to adjust to the lifestyle changes that come with sobriety. This takes some time to get used to, and some bumps in the road are to be expected.

To help smooth out the bumps, it is vital to have a strong support network in place. This is why it is so important to find a recovery group nearby where you can meet new friends. Also, outpatient classes and group therapy are very helpful as you adjust to a new sober lifestyle.

If you wonder, “Can you work while in rehab?” you are hopefully thinking about getting treatment, and that’s awesome. It is the first big step toward starting your journey to renewed health and wellbeing.

Rehabs Malibu Offers Luxury Treatment Options for Executives

Rehabs Malibu provides the type of tailored program that helps busy professionals manage their work life while getting treatment. Our program is designed just for your needs during your stay in rehab. Reach out to our team today at (888) 429-7279.