What is a High-End Treatment Center for Addiction Recovery?

high end treatment center

If you are in need of treatment for substance use disorder, why not seek out the very best? To enhance the rehab experience, consider treating yourself to a little pampering. High-end treatment centers for addiction recovery can provide some luxury alongside the evidence-based care.

What Is a High End Treatment Center?

One of the many options available for substance abuse treatment is the luxury rehab. These are high-end treatment centers for addiction or dependency that cater to the well-to-do segment of the market.

When someone seeks out an upscale treatment setting they do so with intention. They wish to spend their time in treatment with the creature comforts to which they are accustomed.

The premier treatment centers are very much like what you would expect at a high-end resort. The main difference is that instead of only focusing on spa-like wellness treatments, you are also immersed in evidence-based addiction treatment modalities.

Features to Seek in High-End Addiction Treatment

When you are prepared to plunk down a large sum of money for rehab, you expect to get what you pay for. This means that you are seeking the finest treatment program you can find. So what are the features you should be looking for?

When starting your search for a high-end treatment center for addiction recovery, keep these questions handy. You can request a tour of the rehab or a meeting with a representative, and then fire away:

  1. What licensing does the rehab hold? The treatment center should state licensed, and be CARF or Joint Commission accredited. By complying with the industry standards, patient safety is more secure.
  2. What qualifications do your staff members possess? The staff should be composed of licensed addiction specialists, licensed mental health professionals, and a licensed yoga instructor.
  3. Does your program feature an evidence-based approach? The program should feature therapies that have been shown to be safe and effective. An integrated program blends evidence-based therapies with holistic methods and exercise.
  4. What is your client ratio? Private luxury rehabs tend to have fewer patients, which allows for a higher level of care. Ask how many are admitted to their program at a time.
  5. Do you have testimonials available? The rehab should be able to point you toward published client reviews.
  6. In what ways does your rehab culture exhibit respect for clients? The rehab should prioritize respect between the staff and the clients. The rehab should feel comfortable, positive, and safe.
  7. How do you protect client privacy? Luxury rehabs tend to be more committed to protecting client privacy. Ask what measures they take to ensure client privacy.
  8. Are your treatment plans customized? The rehab should offer tailored treatment plans and case management that is customized for each individual client.
  9. Do you have a family program? The rehab’s treatment elements should include family therapy or family programs.
  10. Do you provide high-quality nutritious meals? The rehab should offer healthy, organic offerings, as well as provide for special dietary needs.
  11. Do you offer alumni services? Luxury rehabs should have an alumni program that provides alumni activities and follow-up after discharge.

If possible, plan to visit your top rehab choices to see firsthand that the facility is clean, orderly, well maintained, and respectful.

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Benefits of Luxury Treatment Centers for Addiction

There are a multitude of benefits enjoyed when receiving treatment at a high-end treatment center for addiction. These include:

  • A beautiful setting, such as a coastal, hillside, lakeside, or desert location.
  • An intimate, private home environment.
  • Lovely grounds, furnishings, and amenities.
  • Private rooms.
  • Privacy and discretion.
  • Tailored treatment plans.
  • A higher level of personal attention.
  • A focus on wellness and self-empowerment.
  • Spa-like services, like massage and sauna.

What are Holistic and Evidence-Based Therapies?

Premium rehabs tend to combine evidence-based therapies with holistic methods. The holistic activities help clients delve into their emotional and spiritual selves. This enhances the work they do with the psychotherapist and also teaches critical self-soothing and relaxation techniques.

Evidence-based therapies include types of treatment that have been through clinical studies and were shown to be efficacious. These are mainly therapies based on behavioral psychology that help the person make changes in their choices and actions. Some of the most commonly used evidence-based therapies for addiction treatment include CBT, DBT, CM, and MET.

Payment Options for High-End Treatment Centers

When considering a luxury rehab, of course, the issue of cost will come up in the decision-making. For some people, money is not a problem and they may opt to pay cash for treatment. Others, though, may need some payment options.

Here are some of the ways to pay for a high-end rehab:

  • Insurance. Most health plans cover at least some of the costs of residential detox, addiction treatment, and related services.
  • HSA account. Many executives pay into a health savings account (HAS) for tax purposes. These deposits into the HSA can be deducted from your taxable income and then can be used for addiction treatment.
  • FSA account. Employers may offer employees a benefit called a flexible spending account (FSA). The FSA is a type of savings account that offers tax savings, and the money can be used for addiction treatment.
  • Payment plan. Rehabs may offer in-house financing options through a contracted lender. These payment plans allow you to pay off the expense over a period of many months.
  • Credit card. A client may prefer to pay for the treatment with a credit card to gain airline miles or other rewards. They have the option to pay off the balance after treatment or to make payments over time.
  • Cash. Private pay, or cash, is always a payment option. Private pay is desirable for clients who do not want their data to be shared with an insurance company.

An upscale, exclusive rehab offers the finest rehab experience available. Do consider this type of setting if you are used to high-quality living standards.

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