Luxury Rehab Los Angeles

luxury rehab los angeles

Luxury Rehab Treatment in Los Angeles

When it’s time to change your life for the better, a luxury rehab in Los Angeles offers the perfect setting for starting over with a fresh, clean slate. There you will learn a whole new way of life that centers on fitness, health, and wellness.

Luxury rehabs are not just reserved for the wealthy and famous. These premier programs are there for any person who desires the very best. Start your new life in recovery at an upscale rehab venue.

All About Luxury Rehab Los Angeles

When you decide to start treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD) you will have some choices to make. You must ask yourself which type of treatment center will appeal to you, as there are so many options out there. If you are seeking both creature comforts and expertise, the luxury segment is a good option.

Upscale rehabs feature a smaller, more intimate treatment setting. These posh venues are often located in stunning settings. There you can enjoy the gorgeous features of your surroundings while being treated for the SUD.

These boutique programs are able to provide a higher level of personal attention to clients, tending to their every need. The welfare of the client, as they work through the treatment process, is of utmost concern. To further enhance the treatment experience, there are resort-like services and gourmet meals.

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What to Look for in a Luxury Rehab

Aside from all the nice extras, you can expect from an upscale rehab, those are just the icing on the cake. The cake must be high quality and tasty, too! While seeking a luxury treatment program that is truly top-notch, make sure it has these marks of excellence:

  • Custom treatment plans. A hallmark feature of high-end rehab programs involves tailored treatment plans. These custom treatment plans are able to focus more intensely on the unique features of the person’s SUD.
  • Confidentiality. For many people who need to obtain treatment, the concept of privacy is a top priority. Look for a rehab that honors and respects client confidentiality.
  • Evidence-based treatments. The best rehabs will use proven treatment methods as the basis of the program.
  • Expertise in the field. Check the license and certifications held by the treatment center. Make sure the staff has the expertise in the field that will ensure your time and treasure are not wasted.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment. The treatment program should have the ability to also treat co-occurring mental health issues. If these problems are not addressed during treatment, the chance of relapse is very high.
  • Well-rounded program. Ask to see their weekly schedule so you can ensure they offer a wide range of treatment elements. A multi-modal approach helps clients because it offers diverse treatments. This raises the chances that one or more will click with the client and help them make substantial changes.
  • Aftercare services. Inquire about their aftercare program. They should have access to sober living housing and outpatient therapy at a minimum.

All of these features add to the success of a program. The more that are present at the Los Angeles rehab you are researching, the better your chances are of success.

Holistic Methods to Aid Recovery

The mind-body connection is very strong. Daily stress can upend all efforts to remain sober unless you learn new coping skills to help reduce the effects of stress triggers. More and more rehabs now include holistic methods in their program menu. These methods can be learned while in rehab, and then practiced throughout your life in recovery.

The premier rehabs are known for adding holistic activities to their programs. The spa-like services help reduce anxiety and allow the client to relax during treatment. Some of these include:

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Getting a nice massage can really help you relax. Massage helps to reduce muscle tension, which then will release toxins from the body.

Yoga classes.

Yoga can be practiced indoors or outdoors. It involves slow, steady movements and sustained poses, while also having a focus on breathing. Combined, these actions lead to a deeply calm and relaxed state.


Working out gets the blood pumping and the muscles working. It is well known that daily movement is key to mental health, too. Rehabs now include fitness programs at their treatment centers.


Our minds can keep us in a constant state of distress if we let them. Learning how to meditate can help you clear your mind from noisy thoughts and to sit still in a tranquil and peaceful state.

Art and music therapy.

Because some clients have a hard time trying to express themselves in talk sessions, using art and music can be helpful. Through these channels, they are able to describe feelings and achieve new insights.

Equine therapy.

Caring for someone or something other than oneself can help shift the focus away from self in recovery. Caring for horses through equine support programs has been found to be very healing.

Deep breathing skills.

A quick way to reduce stress is through deep breathing methods. By using these skills when a trigger has unleashed stress you can swiftly lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

All of these holistic healing methods are easily accessed after the treatment program has ended. It is advised that you include at least a few of these in your daily routines to help battle stress triggers that could threaten recovery.

Luxury rehab Los Angeles offers many special features to a drug recovery program. Why not make your choice to get well be the best experience it can be?

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