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luxury substance abuse treatment facilities

Learn about what to expect at luxury substance abuse treatment facilities.

The luxury segment of the addiction treatment landscape appeals to those people who are used to the finer things in life. They have reached a certain status in their life and are drawn toward upscale accommodations and services. For the affluent, a luxury substance abuse treatment facility is the only option.

Explore the Luxury Rehab Option

Seeking an upscale treatment program is not exclusive to the wealthy. On the contrary, these premium rehabs are an option for anyone who desires a top-notch rehab experience.

Luxury treatment centers are built in highly desirable settings, such as coastal, desert, or lakeside locations. These beautiful surroundings can greatly enhance the treatment experience. With the natural beauty as a backdrop, these luxury substance abuse treatment facilities have many assets. These deluxe rehabs make good use of stunning views, grounds, pools and spas.

The special amenities offered at a high-end treatment center will appeal to your top of the line tastes. Take meals, for instance. A private gourmet chef creates meals using organic, locally sourced foods. Clients’ dietary requests, such as vegan or gluten-free options, are addressed as well.

Spa-like services are also an attractive feature. Clients enjoy a menu of holistic treatments and activities that can further enhance their time in rehab. Private rooms and tasteful furnishings only add to the experience at a luxury substance abuse treatment facilities.

Evidence-Based Treatment

With so much focus on the upscale treatment experience, it is easy to lose sight of what matters most. That is, of course, the standard of treatment received at the rehab for treating the substance use disorder.

A high quality addiction treatment program will offer the most up to date evidence-based therapies in the field. These are the treatment modalities that have been researched and, after clinical studies, are found to be effective. The tried and true treatment elements become the basis of the whole program.

Added to the therapies, like CBT and DBT, are adjunctive treatments that serve to further enhance the clinical outcomes. Each rehab has its own signature focus and mission statement and will select added treatments that fit the vision.

How to Select a Luxury Rehab

When the time comes that you, or a loved one, are ready to get help for a substance problem, rejoice! While it may seem to be a daunting task to select a quality rehab, there are ways to sift through. Try to locate a rehab that has the following 7 features:

  1. Effective treatments. The rehab should base their program on evidence-based treatment elements.
  2. Tailored treatment plans. A luxury rehab is less apt to take a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. It will design a custom treatment plan for each patient.
  3. Qualified staff. The rehab should be staffed with licensed addiction professionals. Ask about credentials and the ratio of clinicians to patients.
  4. Licensed. The addiction treatment industry requires that rehabs follow certain best practices. The rehab should be current in state and local licensure and be accredited by CARF or Joint Commission.
  5. Appearance of facility. The rehab should appear to be clean and organized when you visit the facility. The appearance of the rehab can tell you a lot about how well it is managed.
  6. It should have a family program. The family component is crucial if treatment is to be a success. Inquire as to whether the rehab includes family therapy or a family program.
  7. Luxury services. Since you are seeking a deluxe rehab setting, be sure to check out the facility to view these features firsthand.

When you tour the rehab, be sure to pay close attention to your gut feeling. Notice the vibe among the patients—are they relaxed or stressed? Does the rehab seem organized or messy? Is the staff engaged when they chat with you—making eye contact, etc.? These small details speak volumes about how well the rehab is managed.

Why Residential Treatment is the Preferred Level of Care

There are two basic settings for addiction treatment services: residential and outpatient. Each of these options has pros and cons, so each person will base their level of care on their own specific needs.

The outpatient treatment option allows the person to reside at home while in treatment. This allows them to remain engaged at work and parenting outside of treatment hours. While this offers a more flexible and less costly treatment option, it isn’t the best choice for severe substance problems.

Residential luxury rehabs provide a higher level of care with 24-hour support. The patient resides in the treatment center for the duration of the program. The program itself is much more intensive, and the patient is removed from triggers and substances for the treatment term. This allows for a more cohesive treatment experience.

Luxury Rehab Treatment Program

  • Detox.  Medical detox helps the person complete the withdrawal phase of recovery. Detox takes about a week on average.
  • Talk therapy. Evidence-based behavioral therapies help guide the person towards new healthy thought and behavior patterns.
  • Group sessions. Small groups of peers in recovery will gather to chat about topics that relate to recovery.
  • Classes. Patients are taught new coping skills that help them prepare for life in recovery. There will be a strong focus on how to avoid relapse.
  • Meetings. Recovery meetings through SMART Recovery or A.A. 12-step programs are often part of the rehab schedule.
  • Holistic methods. Luxury rehabs excel at providing patients with a menu of holistic activities that will help them remain relaxed while in treatment. These include such things as massage, yoga, sauna, and meditation.
  • Outdoor activities. Staying active – hiking, biking, and doing ocean sports – is vital for staying engaged and in a positive mindset during treatment.

Luxury substance abuse treatment facilities provide the utmost comfort and support. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, reach out for help today.

Rehabs Malibu Premier Rehab for Addiction Recovery

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